TO MENU

        If you have a great location on your mind, we would be happy to hear about it, and if you are flexible, we will be glad to suggest you some of our favorite. Let’s discuss that :)

        Croatia has really breathtaking sunsets, so we would definitely suggest sessions from 6 or 7 PM till sunset. But, If you prefer mornings by the sea for bright and clean photos without any shadows, then 9 AM would be perfect

        Wear an outfit that feels like you, but keep in mind that comfort is the key! Make sure that your outfit is easy to move around in and fits you well.

        The better you feel in your clothes, the more relaxed and “yourself” you will be during your shoot, which will result in you looking your best in your pictures.
        If you still can`t decide what to wear, check on some outfit ideas on Pinterest or Instagram, and dont forget to read or blog

        All photos are going through selection process, editing and formating. After we finish all the edits, we will upload them to a private gallery from where our clients can share them and download all photos in high resolution. You can expect them in 15 working days after the shooting.

        We deliver only edited photos in 3500px (long edge) 300DPI resolution JPEG`s. No RAW`s, sorry.

        If we’re shooting somewhere you won’t have easy access to your car, bring a bag to carry your extra items. If you have a change of shoes, your phones, car keys, etc., try to consolidate them into one bag to make transporting it easier.
        If you want to change up your look without changing clothes, consider an additional layer or a few changes of jewelry or shoes. Try to get everything into that one bag!
        Trust us, you’ll be glad to not have to drag around more than you need to!

        The editing process is all made in Lightroom, including exposition and white balance correction, light framing, our personal color presets and some minor adjustments.

        Thank you for your trust. Please fill the contact form and we will reply with all details.

        Visit official web site of Istria tourist board